Crafting Your Equity Lens Workshop

Begin crafting your equity lens in this 3-day online group course. Through Matthew’s custom curriculum, you’ll develop your introspective process, learn how to unpack your thinking, connect with deeper insights, and begin building the world you want to experience.

Organizational Workshops

Make DEIA a cornerstone of your organization by Crafting Your Equity Lens as workshop. Book an in-person or virtual workshop with our Crafting Your Equity Lens instructors.

Curriculum Consultation

We are educators at our core. We understand that variations in learning style extend to the nature of expanding one's empathy. This is why we work with you to help you expand the work you are crafting. Evolve your curriculum by working with MRC.

Consultation Services

MRC offers consulting services to those organizations that have gone through the Crafting your Equity Lens Workshop.

Panel Particiption or Keynote Speaker

An experienced speaker, facilitator, and conference participant, Matthew has led discussions ranging from cultivating belonging, sparking your inner curiosity, cultural agility, micro-aggressions, Black leadership, human sexuality, equity within education, and more.

What people are saying

Janelle Wilson, M.A

“I have witnessed incredible changes throughout our whole community because of the work that [Matthew] puts into the growth of every single person ... [Matthew] is a gift to everyone with whom he works.”

Mohammad Zamani, MSEd

"Matthew teaches us that equity is not a persistent problem demanding a single, simple solution. Equity is an ongoing and transformational discussion around which we can gather in community as life-long learners."

Ray Nedzel

"What a power it was to take in people as they are with respect and empathy at the same time. ... it was a deep, safe and revealing afternoon . . . I felt this was the best employee/employer workshop I’ve been part of."

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Equity Lens?

An Equity Lens is your own personal mission statement. This statement has your vision of the world that you want for not only yourself, but for seven generations to come. Your Equity Lens is a tool that helps you see what needs to be done to build that world with those around you. The words you put in your lens will help guide the crafting of a com-munity that hasn’t yet come to fruition, and with your Equity Lens it stands to become more substantial in our time.

How long does the process take?

The Crafting Your Equity Lens workshop is a three-day workshop, but the process of using and refining your equity lens to build community is ongoing.

We offer ongoing support, training, and more to help you utilize your equity lens and build stronger community.

Should I take the program with friends or coworkers?

Crafting Your Equity Lens as group can be a great relationship building and team-building experience. We highly encourage participating in this program with those around you.

Do you offer group programs?

We offer group programs based on your organizational needs.

Our Crafting Your Equity Lens Workshop is completed in a group setting. We can also schedule a private workshop for your organization.

Do you Work with students?

Yes we do work with students.

We have our building belonging curriculum that is aimed for grades kindergarten through 6th grade that is taught through the telling of Ruby Bridges story. At the end of this curriculum student have created their own building belonging statement that will once day evolve into their own equity lens.

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