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Matthew Reynolds Consulting is on a mission to teach people and organizations how to Craft an Equity Lens.
Crafting Your Equity Lens is the first step to begin building the world, community, or organization you want to experience.

Matthew Reynolds


Orion Bradshaw

Facilitator / Curriculum Consultant / Social Media Coordinator

Trena Bolden Fields

Business Development


Holly Ironside

Facilitator / Spanish Language Consultant

Brittnee Zwirn

Facilitator / Curriculum Consultant / Administrative Assistant

Sy Muñoz

Social Media, Marketing, & Tech Support

Julie Oda

Facilitator / Curriculum Consultant

Meet Matthew

Having lived in a variety of communities, countries, and demographics, Matthew has thoroughly honed his communication skills and paired them with an innate generosity toward the perspectives of others. With over 15 years as a teacher in secondary education, he’s passionate about disseminating knowledge. A focus on the performing arts has tuned his ability to reach minds and change hearts through multiple avenues of learning and processing.

Professional Awards & Recognition

• Top 5 finalist for Oregon Teacher of the Year, 2018

• Honorable Mention for the Excellence in Theatre Education Award, presented by the Tony Awards and Carnegie Mellon University, 2018

• Teacher of the Year Crater Renaissance Academy, 2009

• Awarded “Volunteer and Educator” of the year from Southern Oregon Queer Resource Center. SOU, 2006

Meet Orion

Facilitator of Crafting Your Equity Lens / Theatre Arts and Curriculum Consultant / Social Media Coordinator 

Orion Bradshaw is a professional Storyteller, Licensed Teacher, and an Advocate for Social Justice and Human Liberation; he is a proud member of the Actors’ Equity, the National Education, and the Oregon Education Associations. The constant pride, humbleness, and ever-renewed sense of purpose he feels as a Facilitator alongside Matthew Reynolds and the rest of our awesome Team cannot be fully expressed in words.Orion earned his Master of Arts in Teaching degree from Southern Oregon University in 2019, while also training with the Racial Equity Coalition and Leading Equity Center, among others. He’s been a professional Storyteller, Theatre/ Drama Educator, Acting Coach, Theatrical Director and Event Producer for over 16 years, and has collaborated with countless schools, theaters, organizations, and groups across the country during that time - including the internationally-renowned Oregon Shakespeare Festival for 6 seasons. He is also a Shakespeare script adapter; his scripts have been utilized in classrooms and theaters from Oregon all the way to Lisbon, Portugal. He currently serves as a licensed Substitute Teacher and freelance Artist/ Educator in Portland, Oregon.Orion wholeheartedly believes that the Performing Arts, culturally-responsive Education, and Social Justice make a powerful trio; they are vital to building and fostering compassion, empathy, awareness, emotional intelligence, and equitable practices within our world's citizens. He also humbly hopes that, through the crafting and everyday use of our personal Equity Lenses, we are able to build something truly NEW together - that we are able to write revitalized chapters of equity and liberation for ALL into our collective story. May our Learning never cease! FORWARD…  

“I am crafting a World…Of Reconnection. Of Process, instead of product.Where our intersecting and deeply interconnected humanity illuminates the sky, and revitalizes the very oxygen that gives us life.‘Sun and yes, WE, are made of the same thing.’How do we know what we are truly capable of - until we try, process and practice - and risk getting it ‘wrong?’ How can I truly become my biggest, fullest and brightest without first acknowledging and honoring your Humanity before and after everything else, and how it reflects my own?I am crafting a world of deep listening, question asking, Story sharing, and reconnecting to JOY.I am here. I am alive. I have a Story to tell. So do we All.”

Meet Trena

Business Development Strategist

Trena Bolden Fields is highly skilled in business and program development. Trena supports our revenue generation strategy and business development goals.

Trena is also a certified life coach and trained facilitator. She holds a master of arts degree in educational psychology, counseling and student personnel psychology from the University of Minnesota and a master of fine arts degree in creative writing from Augsburg College. She currently travels and lives abroad with her family.

Meet Holly

Facilitator of Crafting Your Equity Lens / Spanish Language Consultant

Holly Ironside (she/her/ella) is a learner, daughter, sister, friend, dancer, connector, and facilitator of learning, self-reflection, play, and joy. She enjoys the practice of being in community, challenging herself and others to take risks and seek discomfort, and is constantly evolving, as her Bio probably will, too. She has worked in public school and language teaching, the restaurant industry, non-profit work, and workshop co-facilitation. She is curious about relationships, emotions, and social emotional learning at all ages, childhood development, the nervous system, and creating more loving and nourishing systems to support communities.

“I am crafting a world where nurturing is prioritized over extraction by setting and respecting boundaries, returning to empathy, checking in, tending to, and regulating my nervous system  inside - in order to create positive healing impact outside of myself.”

Meet Brittnee

Facilitator of Crafting Your Equity Lens / Education and Curriculum Consultant / Administrative Assistant

Brittnee Zwirn  graduated from Southern Oregon University with a bachelors’ in criminology and criminal justice as well as a Master of Arts in teaching. She has worked in public schools for almost 20 years. Brittnee enjoys baking bread, kayaking and spending time with her husband Angelo, son Leo and her pets; Harvey and Zoey. 

“I am cultivating a world of belonging, compassion, and mindfulness to help foster joy in myself and others so it spreads like stars in the night sky- illuminating our path back to ourselves and to Mother Earth.”

Meet Sy

Social Media, Marketing, and Tech Support

Sy Muñoz is currently enjoying the ponds, beaches, and forests of Oregon. He has spent the past two years working in elementary education. His ideal work from home location is somewhere in the Arizona deserts.

"I am crafting a world where every person is free to be themself and every person is lovingly taken care of by addressing injustice and being in a perpetual state of taking care of and taken care of."

Meet Julie

Facilitator of Crafting Your Equity Lens / Education and Curriculum Consultant

Julie was a professional actor for over 30 years and has credits in Broadway, Off-Broadway and regional theaters across the country, most notably at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival where she played many Shakespearean heroes and heroines and created roles in world premieres, classics and modern plays over 18 productions in eight seasons.  Julie is currently an equity advocate, an educator of the heart, and a passionate steward of stories.  She believes storytelling is essential healing for both the teller and the listener and that Matthew’s journey, full of hilarious, heartbreaking and beautiful truths, will change everyone who is lucky enough to be in the room with him. Her work with Matthew has changed Julie and the way she walks and breathes in this world.  She is excited to be working with this brilliant team to share Matthew's love and light with all who are thirsty for the humanity-led world he is building.

"I am crafting a world of healing liberation grounded in gratitude, rest, grace, song and story.  I will call in and listen to all stories with an open present heart and will share my story with truth, vulnerability and love.  I am crafting an inclusive world where I am worthy, you are worthy, we all are worthy; it is our birthright.  I am a warrior-artist and emerging disruptor rooted in deep ancestral wisdom, and I build this world with my elders and our children for myself, for my community and for seven generations to come."

"Matthew teaches us that equity is not a persistent problem demanding a single, simple solution. Equity is an ongoing and transformational discussion around which we can gather in community as life-long learners."

-Mohammad Zamani, MSEd

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Equity Lens?

An Equity Lens is your own personal mission statement. This statement has your vision of the world that you want for not only yourself, but for seven generations to come. Your Equity Lens is a tool that helps you see what needs to be done to build that world with those around you. The words you put in your lens will help guide the crafting of a com-munity that hasn’t yet come to fruition, and with your Equity Lens it stands to become more substantial in our time.

How long does the process take?

The Crafting Your Equity Lens workshop is a three-day workshop, but the process of using and refining your equity lens to build community is ongoing.

We offer ongoing support, training, and more to help you utilize your equity lens and build stronger community.

Should I take the program with friends or coworkers?

Crafting Your Equity Lens as group can be a great relationship building and team-building experience. We highly encourage participating in this program with those around you.

Do you offer group programs?

We offer group programs based on your organizational needs.

Our Crafting Your Equity Lens Workshop is completed in a group setting. We can also schedule a private workshop for your organization.

Do you Work with students?

Yes we do work with students.

We have our building belonging curriculum that is aimed for grades kindergarten through 6th grade that is taught through the telling of Ruby Bridges story. At the end of this curriculum student have created their own building belonging statement that will once day evolve into their own equity lens.

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