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Trauma and Healing for the Betterment of Humanity

November 01, 20213 min read

Trauma and Healing for the Betterment of Humanity


Matthew Reynolds

It is true, many of us have had traumatic experiences that continue to shape who we are, what we think and how we show up in life. A question that comes to mind for me is what do we want to do with this trauma?

In my own lived experience, I have worked to heal my trauma and begin to build a world that is truly accepting and supportive of humanity -- yes, all of humanity.

Before I share more, I want to say this blog piece about trauma is mainly focused on my experience and opinion in thinking about how we can heal, do better and see humanity in others.

If you have experienced traumatic experiences and need support in this area, I encourage you to connect with and work with a trusted counselor.

Trauma is systemic, hereditary and cyclical in nature, if we do not heal our hearts, bodies and souls of traumatic situations we have experienced, we may continue the cycle of trauma. We have seen this in how some people treat others. This truth comes up for me as we see racism, homophobia and sexism - these phobias and isms to me stem from people’s indoctrination and lived traumatic experiences.

I believe our collective capacities are rooted in old ideology, an ideology I do not subscribe to any longer.

There is a new movement that needs to be born. A movement that focuses on a strategy to build engagement and growth anew. A movement that creates a practice of building community and humanity as our primary goals. We can build something new if we stop, take stock and truly see what we all want to innately achieve for the good of us all (love, belonging and hope for a better future).

The new movement brings me back to thinking about the importance of this moment and how we can shift this moment to create something new for our future generations. 

Lately, I have been thinking about the journey of getting to my TRUTH vision. It has been a journey and a deep journey to me learning and beginning to live my life in such a way that honors who I am.

My journey did not start out this way though, I had to give myself grace and I navigated systems of oppression, indoctrination and feeling a need to find my community and belong in a place where humanity was the center of engagement. 

To make it through this process with better answers, I had to ask myself, “what lies am I subscribing to?” and “how much of my thinking is really my thinking?” Once I was able to answer these questions, I was able to begin to look for something other than... something new and different that would allow me to begin the journey to finding what I deeply needed - love for and the support of humanity.

What was it that allowed me to find this and then to find my TRUTH vision? First I had to get to the place of believing that I was worthy of love and had a place to belong and then I had to begin to accept myself for who I was and work on my own personal work, my inner healing. Once I gave myself grace, began to practice this grace, I then focused on my TRUTH vision: an ever changing and evolving, working document, that holds me accountable to not only myself, the planet, and humanity; it also helps me stay accountable to seven generations ago, and to come. 

I am so grateful for this inner discovery and I believe it is the most powerful thing we each can embark on as we get closer to deeply seeing, honoring and supporting true humanity.

What about you?

What is the work you need to do? How can you see grace in your own life or situation? 

Are you ready to find your TRUTH vision? I can help you find your TRUTH vision by helping you Craft their Equity Lens.

Learn more about my nextCraft Your Equity Lens Open Group here.

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