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Liberation and Freedom in Our Education System

November 15, 20212 min read

Liberation and Freedom in Our Education System


Matthew Reynolds

Lately, I have been thinking about the idea of liberation and freedom in the education system.

I came to this thinking from my own experience in the system and how I see the need for us to create opportunities to reduce the issues of students not learning or being supported and teacher burnout. 

I am a former teacher who worked in the education system for 12 years. I decided to leave the education system as I understood that true humanity was not supported in the ways I saw the system working.

I saw loyalty to the system over the safety and well being of our students. I saw personal implicit bias from educators, staff, admin, coaches, that were expressed towards students who had a differing view on the world then they did. This, once again, was hurtful and harmful to students. I saw the education system being used for political power and clout. I saw the narrowing of options for students until they were all shuffled down the same corridor towards a higher education, because that was the only way you were going to be successful and generate enough income for you and the family you were going to have. 

We created this system in a way that does not serve all of humanity. Now that we see this and have evidence of this system and way of learning not working for students, my question is why do we keep moving forward with what no longer serves humanity? It makes no sense that we continue to push forward a type of instruction that does not produce the learning we say we want in education.

What you believe and don’t believe...what you uphold and think you don’t uphold… the truth is the education system is an indoctrination system.

We continue to support a system that dehumanizes us in the first place. The reason we continue to go back to this is because it is what we know. My question for you is how can you change your patterns? How can you de-systemize your brain and thoughts and begin thinking in a way that supports humanity? 

Then, the next question is, how can we support liberated thinkers? What would education look like when we do?

I have made this my life’s work through helping folx Craft their Equity Lens. The work includes stripping away the outside influences while learning how society and people around them have influenced their thinking. This work also helps people move closer to being people who can support humanity and build a legacy for future generations. 

Are you ready to do the work to create a new way of thinking and a way of being that supports humanity? 

Register now for my nextCraft Your Equity Lens Open Group.

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